Cost Per Square Foot or Square to Replace Roofing

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When figuring or budgeting for a roof replacement people often call or look for local roofing contractors online and ask them. First, roofing is not done by the square foot, it is done by the square which is 100 square feet and in all actuality it can be broken down into square feet but never is due to the large amount of waste a new roof produces.

The price per square foot of roofing or square can vary on a number of circumstances:

  1. Location
  2. Pitch of roof (steeper isn’t cheaper)
  3. Shingle – traditional or designer
  4. Has your roof ever been roofed over
  5. Do you have a two story or one story roof

These are just a few determining factors on what your roof will cost per square and there are several others that roofing contractors in Houston take into account. Any reputable roofing company will never give you a solid cost on what it would take to replace your roof over the phone due to these factors but some may give you a range

Calling a roofer out to visibly inspect your roof is always recommended and we always suggest agreeing to a lump sum figure to replace your roof and not square foot or square prices, you’ll end up a victim of your neglect if you do this.

Calling reputable Houston Roofing Contractors to inspect what you have and what you want to replace your roof with is only a phone call away. Call Brand Roofing if your in need of a roof replacement or just want a new roof. We give each and every one of our customers affordable roofing solutions with professional results.

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